Mansfield Giants Club Social Media Policy

Mansfield Giants have now added to their club welfare policies a social media policy to protect members, coaches, volunteers, players as well as encourage good practice. The policy also promote's effective use of social media as part of a club’s activities whilst protecting the integrity of the club and maintaining a high standard of communication with users of Social Media.

The term 'social media' is used here to describe dynamic and socially-interactive, networked information and communication technologies, for example Web 2.0 sites, SMS text messaging and social networking sites. This policy refers to the term ‘Friend’. This is used be social media networks and websites to describe a member of your network.

For example ‘Friend’ on Facebook or ‘Follower’ on Twitter.

The policy can be found below and we ask that all players, coaches, volunteers, parents and spectators have a read through, to understand the policy in place.